Manually Generate Licenses

To manually generate license keys for an order, you can use one of two ways. Firstly, you can change the order status to Completed, which will trigger the license creation, or secondly, you can use the ‘Generate License Key(s)’ order action. Here is how to achieve this:

Mark order as complete if it is not complete already.

1. Go to your WordPress admin and click on ‘WooCommerce > Orders’ to see the list of orders available and select the order you wish to generate keys for.

2. Select the order you want to generate license keys for by checking the checkbox next to the order in the list. See number 2 on the screenshot for reference.

3. Select the ‘Bulk actions’ dropdown and select ‘Change order status to completed’.

4. Click on the ‘Apply’ button, labeled number 4 in the screenshot above, to start processing the action for the selected order(s).

Please note that the above steps will generate the license key(s) for the selected order(s) provided that the corresponding status for the order is set to Completed’ and there are no previous license keys for the order. If the order status is not set to ‘Completed’ or there are existing license keys for the selected order, then this will not generate any new license keys.

Use the ‘Generate License Key(s)’ order action.

Firstly, go to WooCommerce > Order page and open the order you want to generate license keys for, then do the following:

1. Verify that the Status of the order is set to ‘Completed’ like in the screenshot above.

2. Under ‘Order actions’, select ‘Generate License Key(s)’ from the dropdown labeled number 2

3. Click on the arrow button labeled number 3 to perform the action. This will submit and reload the page.

After the page has reloaded, check to see if there is a new order note saying the license key was generated, it should also show the license key(s) generated during this action. If no license keys were generated, double-check the order status is set to ‘Competed’, and check if there is a software product in the order items.

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