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Licenses are generally linked to orders and customers, so in order to create a new license, one must first create and new order select a customer and the software product the license applies to. Here is how to do it:

Add order

1. Click on ‘WooCommerce > Orders.’ to open the orders page.
2. Click on ‘Add order.’ at the top of the page to open the new order page.

After clicking the ‘Add order’ button, you have to add order details and paying attention to the parameters that are useful for the successful generation of License Keys.

Add order details.

On the order details page, add or change the following:

1. Status drop down to change the order status, by default the status is ‘Pending payment‘. In order for the license(s) to be created the Status must be changed to ‘Completed
2. Choose a customer who will own the license. Click inside the text box below ‘Customer:’ label, start typing the customer’s name and some search results will appear as you type, select the customer from the list. For the current version of the plugin, a valid customer must be supported as the plugin does not support guest checkout.

Add order items.

Click the ‘Add item(s)’ button, after which more buttons will appear on the right, click on the ‘Add products’ button and you will see a popup like the one in the screenshot below:

Click inside the box labelled ‘Search for a product.’ and start typing the product name. This must be a valid product created as software (see adding products section) otherwise the license will not be generated if the product does not have the valid attributes for software.

Specify a quantity for the selected product. The quantity determines how many license keys will be generated for this particular product.
Add as many products as required and then finally click the ‘Add’ button to add the items to the order.

Clicking ‘Add’ will also close the popup, the items will be listed on the page. You should click ‘Recalculate’ to calculate the order total.

Add customer billing information.

You may also add customer billing and shipping information manually buy clicking the icon that looks like a pencil and add the details or editing the existing ones for the customer. Selecting a customer should automatically populate the addresses if the customer has saved addresses in their account.

After all the details have been created, you need to click on the ‘Create’ button on the right hand side of the page.


The customer will receive an email notifying them about the order, if you want the customer to pay before getting the license you should keep the status at ‘Pending payment’ so the customer can pay on their account page. If you want the license key to be generated right away then simply change the order status to ‘Completed’ and click ‘Create’ or ‘Update’

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