The tools are used to troubleshoot and fix issues with the license server’s functionality. You can use the tools to import licenses from WCAPI, force the expiry of licenses, sync activation counts and migrate renewal tools.

Import WCAPI Licenses

Use this tool if you previously used the WCAPI license plugin. Run this tool before deactivating the WCAPI plugin to ensure the data is imported before deleting. Click the ‘Import WCAPI licenses’ button to start the import.

Expire licenses

If Licenses are on the expiry date but are not marked as expired. You can force the licenses to be marked as expired. This will also search for expiring licenses, check for validity and mark them as expired if necessary.

Sync activation counts

With previous versions of the license server, it happened that the licenses were activated past their activation limit. You can run this tool to fix the activation counts to ensure the maximum is exactly as set in the activation limit.

Migrate renewal periods

Renewal periods were previously named as license types, if you have the previous version where renewal periods were called license types, you can run this tool to migrate the data to the new storage format in the database.

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