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Generating and Renewing License Keys

When a customer buys software and pays for it, the following should happen once the order status is ‘Complete’;
-A new license should be created for each product in the order and for the relevant quantity.
-API Keys should be generated for the customer on the first successful order

If this does not happen then its usually because the order is not marked as complete in which case these can be achieved under ‘WooCommerce > Orders’. In the order edit screen, under ‘Order Actions’ there are these added actions to manage License Keys for the individual order. These two actions are labelled ‘Generate License Key(s)’ and ‘Renew License Key(s).

Generate License Key(s)

Select this and click the right arrow next to the drop down list to manually generate the license keys for this order. The order status must be complete, so if you manually change the order status to ‘Complete’ the action will be triggered to generate the license key(s) for this order.

Renew License Key(s)

Select this option to renew the license key(s) for this order. The option ‘Allow Date Extension’ must be enabled in settings, otherwise this action will not be available.

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