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It is recommended that you check the settings page available under the ‘WooCommerce > Settings > License Server’ settings page. The plugin should work without issues with the default settings but you may like to customize it to suit your needs.
Once you open the page ‘WooCommerce > Settings > License Server’, you should see a General and Tools tab. You should enable what you need or keep the settings as they are. Here is an overview of what these settings are used for.

General Settings

* License Type – is the default license type available on the product edit page. It is also for specifying how frequent the license will expire. Available options are Annually, Quarterly, Monthly and Lifetime. So for example, select Monthly if you want licenses to be renewed Monthly.
* Reminder Email – Specify the number of weeks before licenses expire to send the license expiry email to customer. Example: Select ‘One Week’ to send email to customers ‘one week’ before license expires.
* Enable Logging – Keep a log of all license activity in a file or in a database. This will help in troubleshooting license issues.
* Expire Based on Purchase Date – This will expire licenses based on the date of purchase instead of activation date. This will compare license duration and license purchase date to determine if license should be expired, so this means a license will be expired even if it was not activated.
* Cache API Responses – API Requests will be cached to improve server performance.
* Obfuscate Download URL – Enable this to hide the underlying WooCommerce downloads file structure. Enabling this will change the download urls sent to clients to hide the underlying file structure.
* Allow Date Extension – Enable this to allow licenses to be renewed by extending the expiry date instead of renewing a subscription. This will add new buttons to renew license on ‘My Account’ page for customers and new order action to ‘Extend Expiry’ in order actions.

Managing License Types

By default, the plugin comes with Monthly, Quarterly, Annual and Lifetime as the default license types. The License Server for WooCommerce plugin will work out of the box with these default license types but there is an option to define your own license types. Do to so, click on the ‘Manage License Types’ button located under the ‘License Type’ dropdown in general settings. Once you click on this, a popover will appear with a form to remove or add new license types as you wish.

To remove a license type, first select it from the dropdown labelled ‘Remove License Type’ then click then ‘-‘ button on the right of the drop down menu, repeat for all the options you wish to remove then click ‘Done’ and save the settings by clicking the ‘Save Settings’ button at the bottom of the page.

To add more license types, first click on the ‘Manage License Types’ button to reveal the form. Specify the duration, interval and label for your new license type. For example, on the screenshot we have

Duration = 2,
Interval = Year
Label = Biennially

This adds a new option to renew licenses every two years. Once you have specified your details, click ‘Add License Type’. Repeat this for all the license types you wish to add and click ‘Done’, finally save the settings by clicking the ‘Save Settings’ page.

Note: The ‘Done’ button does not save your settings it only closes the popup. Always remember to save the settings by clicking the ‘Save Settings’ button at the bottom of the page otherwise changes will be lost if you navigate away from the page.

Product Settings

You can control whether to hide or show software information on single product pages on the front end by modifying the product settings in ‘WooCommerce > Settings > License Server > Product’. You can choose whether to hide all software information or to hide only specific tabs.

Here is what each of the options do.

Hide Software TabsCheck to hide all software tabs in single product page in front end. If this is checked, all software tabs will be hidden in the single product page and all other options below will not apply.
Hide Software DescriptionCheck to hide the software description tab on single product page.
Hide Software InstallationCheck to hide the software installation instructions tab on single product page.
Hide Software ChangelogCheck to hide the software changelog tab on single product page

Once you have selected your preferred options, click the ‘Save Changes’ button to save your settings.


Under the Tools tab, you can select the options to perform the relevant action as required when saving the settings.

* Import WCAPI License – Check this if you have WCAPI Licenses to be migrated to this plugin. If you check this and select save all existing licenses from WCAPI License will be imported to this plugin.
* Expire Licenses – Check this to manually expire licenses.

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