API Overview

The License Server for WooCommerce plugin has a built in REST API that can be used to manage licenses and retrieve product/software details. Here is a list of the supported API Endpoints.

The current version of the API is version one available at the endpoint `<domain>/wp-json/slswc/v1/` and has the following endpoints.

POST /wp-json/slswc/v1/activate

POST /wp-json/slswc/v1/deactivate

POST /wp-json/slswc/v1/check_update

POST /wp-json/slswc/v1/add_domain

POST /wp-json/slswc/v1/remove_domain

POST /wp-json/slswc/v1/connect

GET /wp-json/slswc/v1/product

GET /wp-json/slswc/v1/products

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