Remove Domain

POST /wp-json/slswc/v1/remove_domain

Remove a domain from a license. This will remove the domain from the list of activated domains for the license.

license_keyString requiredSs23dhsjhdjshjhfddfrThe license key to be activated. This must be a valid.
slugString requiredtestpluginThe slug of the software. This must be a valid slug unique to each software product
domainString optionalexample.comThe domain the license is activated on.
environmentString optionalliveThe server environment the license is activated on. Expects live or staging, default live

Example Response

	"status": "ok",
	"message": "Domain removed from license."
    "domains": {
        "": {
            "domain": "",
            "status": "",
            "version": "",
            "date_time": "2019-06-22 00:00",
            "environment": ""
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