GET /wp-json/slswc/v1/product

Get a single software product. This will return the publicly available information about the product/software.

slugString requiredtest-pluginThe slug of the product/software being requested.

Example failed response

    "message": "Product not found",
    "product": null,
    "status": "not_found"

Example valid response

    "status": "ok",
    "product": {
        "slug": "test-plugin",
        "description": "The full description.",
        "thumbnail": "",
        "author": "authorname",
        "required_wp": "4.0",
        "compatible_to": "5.1.1",
        "updated": "2019-04-24",
        "change_log": "Software changelog.",
        "installation": "Sofware installation instructions.",
        "documentation_link": "",
        "average_rating": 4,
        "reviews_count": 4,
        "activations": "9",
        "banner_low": "",
        "banner_high": ""
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