How to Import Your Envato Customer Licenses to License Server for WooCommerce In 5 Minutes

By popular request, we created a tool specially for importing customer licenses from Codecanyon and ThemeForest.

Here’s our simple guide for transferring your customer data.

Step one: Get your Envato API

Both Themeforest and CodeCanyon use the Envato API. You’ll need access to transfer your products. To retrieve the API you first need to go to

At the bottom of this page, click Create a New Token.

You will now see a list of permissions you can grant. Click on the following:

You’ll now receive an access token:

Copy the token to your clipboard. Now, on your WordPress account, go to WooCommerce → Settings → License Server→Tools

Paste that token into the CodeCanyon importer tool under Personal Token

Below, add the username you use to sell products on CodeCanyon or Themeforest. Once you’re finished, click “Save Settings”

Step two: Retrieve your products

Now you’ll see the following screen:

If you’ve done your permissions correctly, after you click Retrieve Envato Products your products should appear:

Select the products you want to import or check the box next to Thumbnail to select them all. Then click Import Selected Products. Now you should see them all on a new screen.

All imported products will start in Draft mode. To activate them with License Server, you’ll need to input all of the information as you would a normal plugin or theme.

You’ll also need to manually provide an Update File at the bottom as these won’t be automatically sent over.

Once you’ve updated all of your information, click Publish.

After you’ve done this, it’s now on your customers to migrate their licenses over to the new system. Read the next section for this.

Step three: Ask your customers to transfer their licenses

Go to My Account→Tools, they’ll see a space for them to paste their Envato purchase code.

If they don’t have their purchase code, they can click Get my purchase code. This will take them directly to CodeCanyon where they can sign in and go to the download section to get their code.

Once they have the code, they simply click Import my license.

Now they can view their licenses by going to My account → License Keys. The new product should have appeared at the bottom.

If they go to My account → Orders, they can see a new order at the top:

When they click View, it will show them a new download link at the top and their new license key:

Step four: View your customer licenses

Once  a customer has completed setting up their new license, they should appear in the admin dashboard under WooCommerce → Orders

You can click the order to see the new license key. You can manage the license by clicking on the information on the right hand side.

And that’s all! Your customers are now active on License Server. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us at with questions.

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