License Server for WooCommerce (3 Years)

$199.00 for 3 years

Provide license activation keys and automatic updates hosted on your store. Easily integrate the license system with your existing products with just a few lines of code and our single-file library.

Once integrated, a license key is added to each order item automatically after your customer makes a purchase. Customers can then install and quickly activate their product to receive updates when you release them.

Note: To support recurring subscriptions, we provide full integration with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

API Features

Our API makes it easy for you to get data from the license server. You can read our full documentation on our site.

  • Connect to the store
  • Automatic API key generation
  • Download software automatically using the client library
  • Bulk license activation
  • Bulk license deactivation
  • View plugin/theme information
  • View customer’s purchased plugins/themes
  • Check for updates
  • Activate / Deactivate licenses
  • Add/remove a domain to a license


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